Stupidity at the ARJC

Yesterday, the American Republican Jewish Coalition (a group I had never heard of until this weekend) held a gathering featuring the president. There were three main things about this little shindig that has Jewish Twitter (Jwitter?) talking about. Some of these are problems, in my opinion, and some are not. Let’s try and take these […]

Thoughts about “Thoughts and Prayers”

It’s really upsetting to read about another school shooting like the one that happened yesterday in Florida.  I believe that there is a middle ground somewhere to be had so that basic freedoms are kept and guns are out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them. The fact that the perpetrator of this […]

UBI, Healthcare, and the states

A few weeks ago the news broke that Hawaii was starting to look at having a state wide Universal Basic Income (UBI). I became aware of the UBI last year when Charles Murray did several short Youtube videos about how UBI would help in the U.S. I don’t know any more of they details for […]

Hate crime stats and what they say about NYC

Today there was a tweet about some hate crime stats in NYC: Hate crimes are way up: NYPD. — Tina Moore (@TinaMoorereport) March 22, 2017 // There are several things that jumped out at me about these numbers: Why are they comparing this year’s numbers to the attacked from 2015? It seems to me […]