Good Bye Amazon Associate

You may have noticed that I no longer have a link on the left-hand side to Amazon. That is because I was informed yesterday that Amazon cancelled my Associate account because of being in violation of the Operating Agreement. The reason they gave was very vague and I’m sure exactly what happened. I asked for clarification and said what that gave me the first time was enough of an explanation. I also asked for an appeal and it was denied.

By the terms of the agreement they are in the letter of the law. They are also the 800 lb. gorilla and can do what they how. However I do feel this a bad-faith judgment on their part. I was an Associate for many years and I’ve not once tried to game the system in any way.

I used to praise Amazon for their customer service but I will do so no-more. I may even drop my Prime account when the time comes.

Welcome to the All New, All Different Blog

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Well folks, due to a massive mess up on my part the old blog got wiped out. I’ll save you the gory details but let’s just say you shouldn’t be working on the security of your blog while you have a migraine. However this is a teachable moment to once again stress how having backups of anything is good. If I had practiced what I preached in regard to my blog, I would still have my old content.

Regardless starting from square one again gives you some opportunities to try different things. One of the things I am trying here is a new name of the blog. After months of focus groups I have finally decided on “Benedict Blog”. My marketing people worked overtime coming up with the name and I think it’s very creative.

I hope you enjoy the ride.