As weird as it may sound coming from someone who has worked in sales and marketing, I hate self promotion. However, sometimes self promotion becomes necessary. In this case, I have decided to start a new podcast titled "Not a Rabbi".

The idea behind the podcast is to have an orthodox jew who isn't a rabbi (a/k/a yours truly) and discuss topics that are going on in the Jewish community and have made some news on a larger scale. Additionally, people can read a lot of information about Orthodox Jews that is not necessarily true or correct. The goal of this podcast is to have a nuanced conversation about what middle of the road Orthodox Jews believe about those issues.

I have two episodes uploaded and I'm working on the third episode now. If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to, give thie one a try. I hope you'll enjoy listening to it. The podcast is available via Apple's Podcast app, in Google Play, or almost anywhere you get your podcasts served.

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