With Friends like these…

Well, I was hoping that after my open letter to a friend some basic decency would have happened. I try to be an optimist and believe in the innate goodness of people. Sometimes I am wrong and this is one of those times. 

Friday was a hectic day for me as I got called to deal with an emergency computer issue at a site. While I was waiting for something on site I decided to get my iPad started and see what was going on in my friendly slack channel. However, it wasn't so friendly. My friend (we'll call him #1),  who decided to leave the channel instead of treating someone (let's call him #2) who has different views with respect, went and banned #2 from the Slack channel. Why did this happen? I can't imagine any other reason than being out of spite. 

Because we wanted to keep our small group connected and not lose another person we switched services again. This time we are now on Discord. I don't care what service we use (I suggested Lotus Notes and Yahoo! Messenger) as long as we are connected and keep respect and tolerance of differing views. 

The fact that #1 would do this to someone really shows poor judgment and I have to wonder about their priorities. I wouldn't have expected someone to do something like this and I'm incredibly disappointed what our political discourse has come to. 

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