Are Twitter’s changes really that bad?

Before I start with the meat of the article, I'd like to stipulate several things:

  1. I disagree with what Twitter is doing to third-party developers.
  2. I disagree with Twitter's potential idea to force tweets of alternates opinions into someone's feed.
  3. I agree with Twitter not kicking Alex Jones (I am not a fan of Mr. Jones in any way, shape, or form). Although if they would kick him off for the reason they gave (IIRC Inciting violence - in this case against the parents whose children were killed in the Sandy Hook shootings) it is a defensible position. 

Now that we have gotten the throat clearing out of the way I want to look at the technical issues of Twitter shutting off some API to third-party developers. 

Here is a screenshot I took from the latest update to my favorite Twitter client, Tweetbot:

When I look at these four big changes, I don't get the feeling that they are so bad. In fact, I would argue it's not a bad thing for your timeline to not be automatically refreshed and instead be refreshed every 2 minutes. The biggest thing to me is the loss of the activity tab. However, is not having that information a deal breaker? I don't think so. 

Let me reiterate, I am not looking at any of the "political" choices Twitter has made and is looking to make. Just looking at the technical limitations Twitter is putting onto third-party developers. From what I can see you can still use third-party apps and not be affected all that much. 

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