Ends and Beginnings

I got the news last week. It was news I was expecting but it still hit me like a ton of bricks. The seminary is closing because of enrollment, or lack thereof. I'm going to be getting the place closed down this month so I will have that salary still coming in. However starting August 1, I need some work for the mornings (I already have an afternoon gig that I have signed a contract for). I have my resume on the site but if you need a word version of the resume you know how to find me.

Here are some highlights:

  • I've taught elementary, high school, and college. 
  • Students enjoy my classes
  • I have an MBA
  • In addition to my teaching the last 4 years I've been the Administrator of The Brooklyn Seminary - Gesher Ladaas. 

The lack of enrollment aside, why did the seminary close? That is a good question. I have a post-mortem on the seminary, but it currently exists in my head. I'd like to write it down at some point. If I do I'll be posting it here. 

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