Review of Bloodfeud by Ben Galley

There is nothing like the culmination of a trilogy. As a reader you are always wondering if things will end as you expect them to end, or will there be a twist at the end that will shock you.  In Bloodfeud, the final book of the Scarlet Star Trilogy, the author (Ben Galley) does a good job of managing the readers expectations while making sure there are some surprises at the end of the book. (Here is a review I wrote about the second book. Sadly the review for the first book is MIA)

The location is this book switches to London and only London where Tonmerion begins to execute his plan for revenge against Dizali. We see a lot of growth in both Tonmerion and his partner in crime Calliade as they need to deal with the obstacles they face in getting their revenge.

The twists at the end are good and they were both things I did not expect and in different ways.

I greatly enjoyed this book and although the author was kind enough to give me a review copy of Bloodfeud I went ahead and bought a copy on my own (like I have done with all of his books) because I believe you need to support your independent book authors.

Bye Bye John McLaughlin

I just saw the news on Twitter that John McLaughlin passed away. His show “The McLaughlin Group” was something that ESPN tried to copy with “The Sports Reporters” but were never fully successful.

His show was my first entry into politics and it got me to hear opposing points of view and make up my own mind.

Here is a sample of what the show was like; and yes there was a lot of cross talking that went on.

Here is a parody from SNL: